Why do we need to be more aware of the sustainability of our environment?

In recent years the number of articles and documentaries attributing to the green movement have multiplied. There is so much information about why we need to go green out there but the number one reason is the health of this planet and us, every living thing inhabiting it. Fortunately numerous companies have embraced the green movement. Among them is Sport Obermeyer. A family-run, privately held company based in Aspen, Colorado, Sport Obermeyer actively pursues their goal of designing and producing more sustainable, earth-friendly products. You may be familiar with their technically responsible winter clothing including Obermeyer kids ski jackets. By sustainable building- their involvement with a five-megawatt hydroelectric plant, built and run by Obermeyer on the Vallecito Reservoir in Southwest Colorado, and their sustainable fabric research and development, Sport Obermeyer’s business model is one that more companies should emulate.

A Warning

Just like us the more we pollute our bodies with toxins and harmful chemicals the more we will die from the complications caused by the toxins and pollutants. This is why many fear, that the earth will only be able to take so much before it starts to die. We all should be more responsible for our actions. Just as folks who receive a cash advance loan in the case of a financial emergency and agree to return the money when the next pay check is deposited, all the people and the countries of this beautiful planet need to recognize the direction we are headed and say, “whoa now. We have borrowed against the riches of the earth and it is now time to pay back and amend our ways. Al Gore is one of the major names in the green movement and has come out with a documentary which is worth seeing. It is better to be aware so you can make a contribution to this effort.

I recently had a friend ask for advice about their website which used to rank very high in a google search for “green movement.” His site had suddenly dropped out of the Google rankings. Day by day he watched it slowly slide off of page one, to page two, and ten to three, four, five, and now it was on page six. He was really freaking out. I told him that perhaps his site might have a non-compliance issue with Google. Google does not like sites that appear to break from the Google guidelines. He was really upset. Hey, I said, even if those breaches are unintentional and inadvertent, if you’re not search compliant you probably have triggered a google penalty. You need to find a specialist to unwind the penalty (if that is the cause of your falling ranks). Update: it was a Google penalty. But he did find someone to unwind it and his site is now back on page one!

Awareness and knowledge are key in every aspect of life. Being more aware of what we consume, what we purchase and how much of products we choose to use. There are many ways to be more aware, which can allow you to see better solutions. Our legal system permits awards for injuries, and in some cases the laws can force companies to pay more attention to our environment. For example, when companies pollute, legal actions can make the difference between a remediated environment and a toxic mess. When the TransOcean rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico, it was a New Orleans maritime attorney that persuaded BP to do the right thing.

Awareness takes many forms that you can act on daily. Do you really need to throw away that plastic bag after one use? Or realize that paper towels can easily be replaced by cloth towels. Or learning that different kinds of cleaners and soaps are more harmful to the environment than others.

The environment needs to be owned… by us! It’s this ownership thing that’s going to get us to see our world as our responsibility. The reasons why are so obvious, but it takes awareness and smart actions, taken over time, passed on to others either by force of law or commonality of purpose to move the culture in the direction of environmental responsibility. That’s the why!

** Update **

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