What does it mean to be more environmentally friendly? Well, for years people have been developing products to make life easier, but many times that came at a cost of health. Without taking into consideration the pollutants and waste that we produce, we have easily dug ourselves into a big of a mess. The amount of smog that lays over populated areas is a sure reminder of how much we are polluting even the air we breathe. And in certain parts of the country the smog can occasionally be the cause of car accidents. I know. It was probably a combination of smog and fog, plus faulty traffic lights and careless drivers that resulted in a car pile up in Los Angeles several years ago. I was seriously injured, enough so that I ended up hiring a car accident lawyer to deal with the insurance companies and a lawsuit against the city for faulty traffic lights. The Los Angeles car accident attorney I hired had a good idea how much my case is worth. And although he took 35% of my settlement, I felt he was worth every penny. He knew that I was going to to sidelined for quite a while with my injuries and that I would be needing extensive rehab and physical therapy. Fog might be a natural occurrance, but smog is not, nor are faulty traffic lights.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate environmentally friendly living into you life. Being conscious of what products you buy, how much you use and effort to not be wasteful are the basics.
Learning about your city or town’s recycling policy is a great place to start. Being aware of how much plastic and paper products you are using. Instead of using grocery store plastic to bag your groceries, bring your own bags! There are cloth bags and cold-bags that you can purchase and re use every time you shop. Instead of using paper towels for all of your spills and counter wipes, keep a rag or towel on hand specifically for dealing with the “dirty” messes.
Many banks have online pay and bill options. You no longer have to have paper sent to you in the mail, you can do all of your online banking and credit paying on the internet.
Even when it comes to playing games there are fun internet options. Gambling online is very common- it doesn’t require any paper products at all! You can gamble at an online casino and have all of your winnings transferred electronically.
If you have enough money to live in any waterfront real estate then you can definitely afford to “go green” in multiple ways! Try it, it’s satisfying and good for your health.

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