New Rules: New Game
In March 2005, Futerra launched ‘The Rules of the Game’, a guide for communication which would change attitudes towards climate change.
Since then we have noted a growing commitment within government, its agencies, local authorities, business and NGOs to actively and consciously encourage behaviour change on climate change. Futerra has been approached (and challenged) many times over the past months for a behaviour change version of ‘The Rules of the Game’.
Therefore, we produced ‘New Rules: New Game’, a guide to behaviour change communications.
We hope that the many businesses, NGOs, government authorities and international agencies undertaking or planning climate change communication will all be able to use this guide immediately in behaviour change communications.
‘New Rules: New Game’ can be used in three ways:
1. To inspire new communications
2. To check the messages and activities of planned communications
3. To adapt existing communications
Please let us know if you would like further copies of the publication, or a presentation on the principles underpinning the new Rules. In early November, we will publish a ‘long version’ of ‘New Rules: New Game’, with details of the evidence behind the Rules and advice on how to apply them to specific behaviours.

Futerra, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme published “Communicating Sustainability: how to produce effective public campaigns” on 5 September 2005.
The 68-page full colour guide showcases innovative campaigns from every continent which have succeeded in making people think or behave differently towards the environment. It covers the myths and facts of communications and provides useful resources and hints on how to get the best out of communications agencies. It also provides national and local governments with professional advice on how to plan and implement their own communications campaigns.
You can download Communicating Sustainability here, English,French or Spanish
You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the guide, available here
If you want to know more, then please contact us using the details to the right of the page.

Futerra and Defra published the “Rules of the Game” on 7 March 2005.
The concise and rather good looking slim pink document was launched at the new UK Government sustainable development strategy Securing the Future.
There is an add on regarding herbal education, urban farming, what truly being sustainable means as well as understanding medical marijuana. This pamphlet discusses how accessing our ancestral knowledge of the earth we can better treat our bodies, minds, and the planet. There is not promotion for usage of any substance, but rather information – for example Understanding sativa & indica hybrids or How tea can promote faster healing.
The game is communicating climate change; the Rules will help us win it. The document was created as part of the UK Climate Change Communications Strategy, an evidence-based strategy aiming to change public attitudes towards climate change in the UK. These are a ‘short version’ of a far longer document of evidence that can be found at
You can download the Rules of the Game here.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the Rules, available here
If you are inspired or skeptical, have questions or want to know more, then please contact us using the details to the right of the page.

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